Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As Dug pointed out it is lame to blog about a ski day that happened more than just a few days ago. Well, Im really lame because I am going to do the same. I took some time off between Christmas and New Years and I got a few ski days in. So, in an effort to not bore you and force you to click to someone else's blog I will paraphrase Dug. He said after 1 of our days, "I feel like I should talk to the Bishop". Now, Im not sure what Dug had goin on but, I agreed and laughed. I later told my wife what he said and she said, "did he jizz in his pants?" I said, well, i doubt it. Hope not.  Its like trying to explain sex to a virgin. Its impossible. Its one of those things you just have to experience for yourself. Here are some photos.

First, we had a fabulous day at Solitude. It was deep and I was wishing I had my Megawatts mounted.

Then we had a nice shot into Days across from Alta.

The badass mofos kept going for an epic day given to them by Reed Benson.

Me and Steve caught some air of this small cornice coming back down Flagstaff

More good soft turns coming down Flagstaff

 Topped it off with a little sleddin with Hannah. She loves sleddin and skiin, as long as she's outside she is happy!

All in all, a pretty damn good 10 days. I may be lame for blogging about it late, but I don't really care. It will probably happen again. 

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