Friday, April 16, 2010

The Double

I pulled off the elusive "double dip" yesterday. Not sure how many opportunities come around to partake in the double dip. Mine came about due to Lindy's family coming in town for the Salt Lake Marathon, coupled with a funeral she was attending. I dropped Hannah off at school, went straight to Corner Canyon, was on the trail by 9:00 or so. I rode until just after 11, loaded up and returned to pick up the lil darlin from school. We made our trip to Beans n Brews for an after school, post ride drink. Caffeine for dad and sugar for Hannah. Both satisfied, we headed home for some lunch, a story and naptime. I even managed some yardwork while she napped.

After she got up, Lindy was home and I left for a short road ride. My plan was to head down north suncrest ride around for a bit and head back home. I had about an hour. Last year I timed north Suncrest once. 27:30 was my time. I decided to see what kind of shape I was in this year. Since I am 10 lbs lighter in April than I was last year. I started out not going for the time trial but rather just to see how it was. I felt decent so I decided to push the pace a bit. That climb never gets easier. Made it to the stop sign in 24:50. I was surprised, tired, panting and excited. One of my goals this year was to climb North Suncrest in under 25 minutes. Never thought I would do it in April. I will need to re-do that goal.

All in all, it was a great day off. Dirt in the morning, asphalt in the evening. Spent some time with Hannah, got some yardwork done, went out to dinner. Good day. I'm sore today, can't decide if I'm more sore from riding or from stupid yardwork. My guess is the yardwork. Last year, I got tendonitis in my wrist from stupid yardwork. Guess I had better pace myself this year.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


No, im not trying to be mexican. Those of you who know me, know I can't speak spanish. I speak Mexican/English. Its a tricky language. One that requires spending time in Mexico to really get the hang of it.

So anyways, back to the story. Hannah has many loves on this earth. A few of those are as follows in no particular order. Swinging, riding bikes, riding the train and the updown at the Zoo, Mustaches, going to the park, getting a balloon, eating ice cream, a man named Jose, her teachers, grandma's etc etc. Wait, what? She loves Mustaches and a Man named Jose? Yep, you read that correctly. Not just any man named Jose. The Jose that works at Taco Time. They go way back. Each time she goes to Taco Time, he is working. Now she runs up and gives him a hug! JOSE! They have conversations. I don't think either one of them understand what the other is saying. They just nod at each other and smile when they are done talking. Its great. One of these days, we will get a picture of Jose and Hannah. Until then, you will have to use your imagination.

Hit up Corner Canyon this morning after I dropped Hannah off to school. More trails are opening up with this warm weather. Rode up Ghost Falls and it was mostly dry all the way to the gate. The gate is still closed. Still a few muddy spots but with a few more days it will dry out nicely. Still getting my bike dialed in. Never thought it would take this long. Things just feel different. I suspect I will get used to the new position soon enough. 

Also got the new Revolution Kit. I may need to trade up to a large from medium. Lemme know if you know anyone looking for a medium. I can get in it, but I feel like a sausage. It runs smaller than the kit from  last year. Its a medium and fits great. Not even sure 5 lbs would make it fit better. It might though. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expectations Met

I was just thinking how my virgin year of Backcountry skiing has been a bit of a bust. Between a below average snow year and shitty timing things seemed to evade me when it came to gettin out for some Dawn Patrol. I have been on a few tours, 1 where we followed rick to low and missed the road return to the parking lot coming off the backside of Scotties. The snow was good that day, the missed turn not so much. As Dug said, like other Virgin things, atleast I got my virgin BC ski year nearly behind me. Today we had redemption. Today my expectations were met. Nobody seems to take pictures when I go. I was hoping to star on film. Instead, I get my own crappy shots.
Above are I think Ben, Mark, I think there was a Frank and Joe headin up for 2nds.
You get pictures of me here. Its my blog dammit. This is just at the bottom of the Scotties Bowl about to rip up the lower section. It was all good, and all untouched! Redemption! Im tired and actually sore since this is my 3rd tour. Lets see how I feel later. I may or may not be ready for another round tomorrow. Sorry my links won't link to the other blogs. Im retarded as I told Dug at the top while I was making my smooth transition from skins to skis. I am sure he was laughing. Probably still is.

So, all in all, for today, my expectations were met. Here's to more days like that in my future.