Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expectations Met

I was just thinking how my virgin year of Backcountry skiing has been a bit of a bust. Between a below average snow year and shitty timing things seemed to evade me when it came to gettin out for some Dawn Patrol. I have been on a few tours, 1 where we followed rick to low and missed the road return to the parking lot coming off the backside of Scotties. The snow was good that day, the missed turn not so much. As Dug said, like other Virgin things, atleast I got my virgin BC ski year nearly behind me. Today we had redemption. Today my expectations were met. Nobody seems to take pictures when I go. I was hoping to star on film. Instead, I get my own crappy shots.
Above are I think Ben, Mark, I think there was a Frank and Joe headin up for 2nds.
You get pictures of me here. Its my blog dammit. This is just at the bottom of the Scotties Bowl about to rip up the lower section. It was all good, and all untouched! Redemption! Im tired and actually sore since this is my 3rd tour. Lets see how I feel later. I may or may not be ready for another round tomorrow. Sorry my links won't link to the other blogs. Im retarded as I told Dug at the top while I was making my smooth transition from skins to skis. I am sure he was laughing. Probably still is.

So, all in all, for today, my expectations were met. Here's to more days like that in my future.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

The guys ahead of you in the photo are Peter, James, and John.

Nice getting you out. Glad it was a good time.

Grizzly Adam said...

Yeah, we may just have winter yet.