Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Month of Nate

My birthday is coming up. If you haven't found that perfect gift for me yet let me give you a hint-

I could also use another set of base layer, but those are a very, very distant second to the Megawatts.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Number 1 of Number 2

My 2nd season of Backcountry action got underway yesterday morning with a Dawn Patrol with the likes of Dug, Mark,Jamie, Mike x2, Rick, and Sam. I forgot my camera so I borrowed these photos from Mark. Besides, I think he is a much better photographer than I am. Mine turn out blurry.

I also googled Days Fork and found a picture of the uptrack on Flagstaff.
Yep, thats ALOT of kickturns. My legs are feeling each one of them today, but its a really good feeling. I have been sick the last few weeks and havent been able to do much. You lose fitness sooo fast! I am looking forward to getting my fitness back. I think a few more DP's will help. I'm amazed at how fast Mark and Mike blazed up that thing. Homeboys got some serious fitness.

The backside into Days was nice. Im still working around some of my equipment. 2nd turn and my ski popped off. Luckily I wasnt too far below it and I could reach it with my pole. 2nd, I had an issue with my skins last year. The clips came off the back and got lost so there was no tension on the skin and it kept rolling back on itself. It was a nightmare. I was lucky to have some good help that day with Mark and Ben. I found out how it happens yesterday. On the kickturns if I try to hurry it and my tail rolls on the ski when I pull it up to turn the tail drags out and pops the clip off. I think this will go away once I get better at the kickturns. I felt like I did better yesterday and will only continue. That being said, I will be buying some extra clips for my pack just in case, as well as carrying some duct tape. Wow, got off subject there.

We didn't think the frontside of Flagstaff was going to be much more than just get to the bottom without blowin out your edge. Turned out to be really, really good. Not deep, but soft and buttery. I hit a few rocks up top but nothing deep enough to get a core shot.

Its great touring with guys that have so much knowledge, patcience and the willingness to take a newbie along. Dug takes the time to tell you about where we are going, why, whats a good route and what else you can access from the area. Priceless.

Season 2 is off to a really, really good start.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is it wrong that I think this is funny?

Because if its wrong, I dont wanna be right.

It is pretty cool that she finished though!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Must see inside?

I was driving around today trying to find the X-mas light place that stores our lights. My plan is to pick them up to see how much of our house I can cover with our old lights and then decide what to do. First, I had to find the place. As I was driving around, I saw this house "for sale". It immediately made me start to think about all the tough houses I have sold over the years. I dont know that any of them would top this. I have sold a double wide trailer the day before the  listing expired, I have sold a house and closed 2 days before foreclosure, I have been "paid" in appliances from a short sale. I have sold a house that was rented by a Vietnam Vet hippie that was always rockin his guitar and a doobie everytime I went over. He was actually pretty funny dude. I have sold the SAME townhome 5 times before it closed. You get the picture. There are some tough sells out there. This one ranks up there.

Must See Inside!
This house has a detached 2 car garage.

Also comes with a "Treehouse" or a guest house. I bet  you are thinking to yourself right now, whats the catch? The catch is, thats I-15 right there! You are directly next to I-15. There is no on-ramp near by so you don't even get the convenience factor of being that close. Tough listing there.

I thought it was funny, am I the only one?