Monday, January 30, 2012

Sloppy Seconds

Last week, I tried to go to Solitude or Brighton on Sunday. It was a zoo. I have never seen it so busy up Big Cottonwood. I guess with Sundance and the Outdoor Retailer event going on it put alot more heathens up the canyon on a sunday than usual. I pulled the plug and returned Monday for some sloppy seconds. Not what I had in mind but better than nothin.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Powder Blueballs

So, I got up this morning knowing it was going to be tight to make it up to the resort before the whole world. I needed to help lindy get the girls ready for church before i could head up the canyon. Well, I was too late. Traffic up the canyon was ridiculous. Slick roads and people in civics holding things up. By the time I made it up there the parking lots were full and cars lined the road with powder hungry skiers and boarders. I decided to pull the plug and try it again tomorrow. After all, it's posed to snow tonight. That really only makes me feel a little better. I'm sure it was pretty sweet for those that made it up there. Here's to tomorrow! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

expectations lowered

So, I have not had many chances to try out this camera while skiing so far. It snowed a little this week and I sneaked up to get a few turns in before work. Here is the video. Its nothing too exciting. The snow was heavy, manky powder. It was still softish. How fast our expectations get lowered. Anyways, here's to hoping more light fluffy Utah powder is on the way. It looks like I need to shift the camera up just a titch. It was still great to get out and you will never hear me complain about getting some decent turns in before work.