Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer Plans

I guess its time I lay out my plans. Not that any of you care. But, for those of you who might, here they are.

I have a few goals this year for the bike.

1-Sub 12 minute Clarks TT. My best time last year was just under 13 minutes. I feel that I can knock a minute off that time.
2-Sub 25 minute North Suncrest Road TT. Last time I timed that climb it was around 28 minutes. It was early June and I was not in really good shape yet. I hope this is doable. I think I can.
3-Sub 22 Minute South Suncrest Road TT. I can't remember my times from last year exactly, I think this would knock off a few minutes from last year.

I will also be participating in the following events this year. Short list, but sweet.
1-100 miles of nowhere sponsored by FATCYCLIST.
2-Icup Draper Race. Backyard course. I am excited about this one.
3-Butte100 Mtn race in Butte Montana
4-PCPP-Not exactly backyard but home dirt thats for sure.
5- Possibly the Snowbird Hillclimb. Not 100% in for this one.

Oh, you may have heard, I got a new Mtn Steed this year. Hannah was helping me clean it last week. I will post a better picture. It rides sweet. Back on a Scalpel!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Man Crush

So, this isn't about me, although I can think of a few "men" I could have a crush on. Thats a whole nother story. I was driving down I-15 today on my way to work and saw this suv in front of me with a Yankees sticker on the back window and a license plate that said "JTERFAN". I naturally reached for my phone to take a picture but he got away before I could get a picture. Yes, you read that right, HE got away. I obviously thought to myself after I saw him that it would be a chick driving the car. I was wrong. Apparently this dude has a "Man Crush" on Derek Jeter. Seriously? I would never have a "Man Crush" that strong that I would get a personalized license plate. And Derek Jeter? The best and lets be honest here, the ONLY thing Derek Jeter has goin for him is Minka Kelly. Nuff said.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Elephant Man

I was digging around in some old pictures that I took with my mac cam and ran across this.

This reminds me that I need to renew my EPI PEN perscription this year. I think it expired. Yep, I'm allergic to bees. This particular bee flew into my face and got stuck between my glasses and my helmet. Stung me right on my eyebrow. I looked like the Elephant Man for a few days. It was hilarious to watch people come in the my office and stare at me wondering what was wrong. Ever since I started carrying an Epi Pen, I haven't been stung. Weird. I'm glad really, I still dont know if I will be able to jab that thing in my leg. Well, I guess if I'm going to die I could.