Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An open letter to snowplow drivers (revised)

Ok ok, you have made your point. I have made a big, big mistake. In a previous post I said some harsh words about snowplow drivers. I am a grown man and I know when I have made a mistake. So please, please accept my deepest apology from the bottom of my heart. I really didn't mean it when I called you a dick. I especially didn't mean it when I gave you the the finger as I drove by.

I really appreciate all the work you do to clear our streets and make driving safe. The occasional snow bank is acceptable. I only ask that you try your hardest to pile the snow somewhere other than my driveway. I worked really hard to clear the driveway this morning only to come home this afternoon to this.
This photo makes it a little difficult to tell just what was left behind your massive snowplow truck. Here, maybe this is a better shot?
Is that clear enough? Whatever I did to make you upset I am truly sorry. Maybe next time your out and about you would like to stop in for a cup of coffee or some tea perhaps? I could even make you some hot chocolate if thats your flavor. I would even leave a thermos out front for you so you could continue the hard work in clearing our neighborhood streets. You just say the word. Leave me a comment and we will talk this out. I am confident we can come to an understanding.

As a measure of good gesture, I want you to know that I did not throw any snow into the street while I was clearing my driveway. I also cleared a path to the fire hydrant that is on the corner.
As you can see, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Lets make up. My back can't take anymore. My body is shattered. Truce?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An open letter to snow plow drivers

Dear Snow plow drivers,

Winter has arrived and I know you guys are excited. Lots of snow to plow, piles to make, cars to cake with thick sludge, garbage cans to knock over, people to cuss at for driving too close, people to cuss at for parking their car on the street, coffee to drink, etc. Yay! Its a fun time. While I do appreciate all the work that you do to clear the roads lay the salt down (although my street seems to be LAST on your list) etc.

I have a small bone to pick with you. Last year I looked the other way when you piled snow on my park strip that was nearly 10 feet tall. Mind you there is a vacant lot right next door that you could pile snow on till your hearts content. But no, you just kept on piling. Normally this would not bother me, but the salt that you use kills the grass and all other living plants. This basically means that I have to re-sod my park strip every year. I am sure that you don't realize what a pain in the ass it is to scrape up dead grass, go to the yard store to get enough sod to lay on my park strip. Surely if you did you wouldn't be such an ass.

This year, you have taken it to a new level. It seems that you are just f&*^in with me now. Not only are you piling the snow on my park strip again but you have also been piling the snow in front of my driveway. Now I can appreciate the fact that you feel the need to give me a core workout but seriously, im not that fat. The first time I laughed. The 2nd time I laughed less, then you did it a 3rd time. I didn't laugh. I cussed. alot. This last storm was super heavy wet snow. My snowblower does not work well with slush. I think you know this. I came home last night to find a 3 ft snowbank in front of my driveway. Wet, heavy, slushy snow. After much work, I finally cleared my entry to my driveway. My back hurts, my arms hurt and Im pissed. Next time I see you, your gettin the finger instead of the neighborly wave I have been giving you.

Merry Christmas DICK!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This one's for you Dug!

After a nice ski day with Dug Friday (save that for another post) we went to dinner at Training Table. We went at 5 because I was starving! Anyways, I had to relieve myself so I went to the restroom and was confronted with this.

sorry bout the photo, I couldn't get it to rotate
 Right off the bat when you open the door, if someone is at the urinal, you are violating a man code. Terrible. It felt awkward to pee knowing that at any moment the door would swing open, just missing you as they scoot by you to wait.
Terrible, just terrible. After reading several of Dugs posts about public/work bathrooms. I cant NOT go into a bathroom without noticing things that seem off. Thanks Dug!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a SO-SO day

Got an email from Dug yesterday saying that he was thinking of getting out this morning and wondered if I was interested. I emailed right back and said yes. I of course waited a few minutes so he wouldn't think I was overly excited. Truth is, I have been itching to get out and the timing just has not worked out over the last week or so. I know, a travesty, I haven't been skiin in a week or so. Conditions continue to be stable and that is always a good thing.

We started a little late due to the winter solstice and its still dark at 7. We met at the spot at 6 and made our way up to the top of LCC. Parked and watched a snowboarder dude roll right over Mikes ski tips. He hadnt put them on yet and they were just on the ground but still, really? Luckily they rolled over the flat parts and didnt do any damage. That would have been pretty sucky. We started our way up the Silver Creek headwall. This was a bit sketchy at times due to the slipperyness hidden just blow the fresh snow. We made our way to the top to take in what would be a pretty so, so few runs. Here's the up and a view shot.

Here we are ready to Harvest the goods. They all whored into my shot. Whores. Im in the meat in the sandwich here.

Looking straight into Silver Fork

Our fearless leader, photographer and guide.

Me after the climb, I mustered up a smile.

Some turns, it was all untouched.
Few more action pics here, here and dugs writeup. It was just a SO-SO day in the wasatch with Jamie, Dug, and Mike.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As good as the snow coverage has been this early in the year I couldn't find anyone to go skiing last weekend. I was going to get a workout in Sunday come hell or high water. I woke up and found the weather outside up top Suncrest to be rather pleasant. It was nearly 50 degrees. I sent Banks a text and said, hey we should get a road ride in. Banks waffled but made the appropriate decision within a matter of minutes. How perfect. It was a glorious ride. Temps were warm, I think we both overdressed. You can never be too warm as you roll down from Suncrest. The first few minutes are always the coldest of the ride. We got in a good hour and a half ride about 18 miles and I was home in time to watch the Cowboys game. Sunday glorious Sunday. His actual response was "F*ck it, I'm in"   Im getting confused with the change in weather. Its going to be warm all week with no snow. Time for some bike rides I suppose. 

Sorry bout the text, somehow it got screwed up and I couldn't fix it. Im an idiot.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hannah's Hooked

I finally got Hannah up to Alta for the "ski free after 3" deal that they have for their small lift. This is perfect to get young kids out for some cheap thrills. Took us awhile to get up there since I left the backpack at home and had to turn around at the Draper roundabout. I'm forgetful at times. Anyways, she had a blast. I asked her at the end if she wanted to go 1 more time before they closed the lift and she replied, "I want to go 6 more times!" She's Hooked.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You might be saying to yourself, what? 5%? No Nate, its 10%. Well, some blessings come in other forms besides the 10% good mormons give back. In Utah blessings also come in the form of 5% powder. For those of you that dont know what the hell I am talking about, Utah powder is light.  5% is the amount of water in the snow. 5% means its light and fluffy and fast. 5% means your in for a very good day.

So, you may know that last Monday was my Birthday. The big 35. I had forgotten to ask for the day off but when Dug asked if I could go skiing I quickly responded with "I could make that work". So, we met up at LCC at noon with Sam, Steve W, Dug, and me. We made our way up Flagstaff and its many kickturns that I  love so much. The skin track was slick that day. I was slipping a bit and thought it was just me but Dug said it was slick and Steve was havin a helluva time. Slow and steady was my pace. I didn't want to slide backwards so I wanted to be as sure as possible my footing before I put all my weight down. I'm gettin better on the kickturns. Anywhoo, the uphill was not the excitment of the day. The down was. We reached the top and Sam had some hot apple cider in a thermos that he thoughtfully shared with us. Damn, it was good. After that we had 2000+ feet of 20+ inches of classic 5% Utah smoke. Damn it was a good run.

After that we parted ways, I went home to change and get a shower. We piled in the car and made our way to my parents house for dinner. Lindy and Hannah made me a homemade cake from a box and it had crumbled butterfingers on top. It was good too! My mom had my favorite ice cream Mint Chocolate Chip with a slice of cake. Best Birthday yet! Thanks to Mom, Lindy, Hannah, Dug, Sam, Steve and mother nature for a great day.

As Rick said so eloquently a few weeks ago. It was a good day.