Friday, December 3, 2010

Hannah's Hooked

I finally got Hannah up to Alta for the "ski free after 3" deal that they have for their small lift. This is perfect to get young kids out for some cheap thrills. Took us awhile to get up there since I left the backpack at home and had to turn around at the Draper roundabout. I'm forgetful at times. Anyways, she had a blast. I asked her at the end if she wanted to go 1 more time before they closed the lift and she replied, "I want to go 6 more times!" She's Hooked.


Jason said...

That's good stuff man.

eric said...

so Hannah's smile made watching your ugly mug totally worth it.

that dude filming you was skiing awfully close!

Nate said...

Eric, I kept telling him to give us some distance. I think he was infatuated with me!

Jason, its mostly good stuff with this little one.