Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As good as the snow coverage has been this early in the year I couldn't find anyone to go skiing last weekend. I was going to get a workout in Sunday come hell or high water. I woke up and found the weather outside up top Suncrest to be rather pleasant. It was nearly 50 degrees. I sent Banks a text and said, hey we should get a road ride in. Banks waffled but made the appropriate decision within a matter of minutes. How perfect. It was a glorious ride. Temps were warm, I think we both overdressed. You can never be too warm as you roll down from Suncrest. The first few minutes are always the coldest of the ride. We got in a good hour and a half ride about 18 miles and I was home in time to watch the Cowboys game. Sunday glorious Sunday. His actual response was "F*ck it, I'm in"   Im getting confused with the change in weather. Its going to be warm all week with no snow. Time for some bike rides I suppose. 

Sorry bout the text, somehow it got screwed up and I couldn't fix it. Im an idiot.

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