Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You might be saying to yourself, what? 5%? No Nate, its 10%. Well, some blessings come in other forms besides the 10% good mormons give back. In Utah blessings also come in the form of 5% powder. For those of you that dont know what the hell I am talking about, Utah powder is light.  5% is the amount of water in the snow. 5% means its light and fluffy and fast. 5% means your in for a very good day.

So, you may know that last Monday was my Birthday. The big 35. I had forgotten to ask for the day off but when Dug asked if I could go skiing I quickly responded with "I could make that work". So, we met up at LCC at noon with Sam, Steve W, Dug, and me. We made our way up Flagstaff and its many kickturns that I  love so much. The skin track was slick that day. I was slipping a bit and thought it was just me but Dug said it was slick and Steve was havin a helluva time. Slow and steady was my pace. I didn't want to slide backwards so I wanted to be as sure as possible my footing before I put all my weight down. I'm gettin better on the kickturns. Anywhoo, the uphill was not the excitment of the day. The down was. We reached the top and Sam had some hot apple cider in a thermos that he thoughtfully shared with us. Damn, it was good. After that we had 2000+ feet of 20+ inches of classic 5% Utah smoke. Damn it was a good run.

After that we parted ways, I went home to change and get a shower. We piled in the car and made our way to my parents house for dinner. Lindy and Hannah made me a homemade cake from a box and it had crumbled butterfingers on top. It was good too! My mom had my favorite ice cream Mint Chocolate Chip with a slice of cake. Best Birthday yet! Thanks to Mom, Lindy, Hannah, Dug, Sam, Steve and mother nature for a great day.

As Rick said so eloquently a few weeks ago. It was a good day.


Aaron said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure that the amount of water in snow is 100%. However, I think that the snow you skied in was 5% as dense as water, which is pretty damn good. Just messing with you. Happy b-day. Glad you celebrated it the right way.

Nate said...


Whatever the water content was, it was fun. 5%, 100% whatever. You glad to be back ridin snow instead of elephants?