Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a SO-SO day

Got an email from Dug yesterday saying that he was thinking of getting out this morning and wondered if I was interested. I emailed right back and said yes. I of course waited a few minutes so he wouldn't think I was overly excited. Truth is, I have been itching to get out and the timing just has not worked out over the last week or so. I know, a travesty, I haven't been skiin in a week or so. Conditions continue to be stable and that is always a good thing.

We started a little late due to the winter solstice and its still dark at 7. We met at the spot at 6 and made our way up to the top of LCC. Parked and watched a snowboarder dude roll right over Mikes ski tips. He hadnt put them on yet and they were just on the ground but still, really? Luckily they rolled over the flat parts and didnt do any damage. That would have been pretty sucky. We started our way up the Silver Creek headwall. This was a bit sketchy at times due to the slipperyness hidden just blow the fresh snow. We made our way to the top to take in what would be a pretty so, so few runs. Here's the up and a view shot.

Here we are ready to Harvest the goods. They all whored into my shot. Whores. Im in the meat in the sandwich here.

Looking straight into Silver Fork

Our fearless leader, photographer and guide.

Me after the climb, I mustered up a smile.

Some turns, it was all untouched.
Few more action pics here, here and dugs writeup. It was just a SO-SO day in the wasatch with Jamie, Dug, and Mike.


Robert Dedrick said...

Hey, silver creeks in Utah ? or are you in Colorado? Love the photos, way too much fun! Good luck with the rest of your trip. I posted some music for ya but you toooooo busy being a powder whore. lmao. peace

Nate said...


This is all in Utah, why go to Colorado when the best skiing is in my backyard? I saw the tunes, I have the new Eminem album. Its pretty good. A powder whore I am.

Derron said...

Yeah it must have been a SO-SO day because I'm SO-SO jealous! Damn you powder whore! You will now be forever known as P-dub!