Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is an actaul phone call I had yesterday:

To protect the innocent, lets call her Mary. Mary lives in this community.

Mary- Oh hi Nate, this is Mary from the neighborhood.
Me-Hi Mary, what can I do for you?
Mary- Well, I just noticed that all my interior doors have locks on them? I have been here over a year and just noticed.
Me- yep, all the interior bedrooms and bathrooms have locks on the door knobs.
Mary-Hmm, where is the key? I tried my house key but it doesnt fit.
Me-You tried your front door key?
Mary-Yes, but I couldnt get it to fit.

So, in my head I am thinking to myself wow, am I really having this conversation?

Outside of the door, using a special key to unlock the door

Front door

A key that wont fit in the hole of the 1st picture.
 Me- usually they leave they key to the door above the door on the door trim.
Mary-What does it look like?
Me- Its kind of hard to explain. Get a chair and look on top of the door.
Mary-Oh, I found it!

Lets hope Mary figures things out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To wear or not?

This has been rattling around in my head for awhile now and since the snow has been flyin around I thought it was fitting. I have worn a helmet while riding my bike since I was a kid. Yes, I was the ONLY kid in the hood that had a mother insist on my wearing a helmet. I hated it! Especially since the helmet she bought me was HUGE! Seriously, it was big and I felt lame that I was the only kid that had to wear a helmet. Well, the others came around shortly after a friend fell going down a hill nearby and would never be the same after. HAHA, jokes on them now. I set a trend. Anyways, Im getting sidetracked.
The helmet I had as a kid ranked up there with this one Riessen was sportin on our night ride last week. Sorry Riessen!

I guess what I am saying is I have worn a helmet while cycling since I was a kid. I havent been on a ride without my helmet since. Brainbucket is always there.

Skiing on the other hand well, I guess its still a newer concept. I have worn a helmet while skiing for the last 5 years or so. Its still not like cycling where most everyone wears a helmet unless your name is Sly. I would say above average amount of people where helmets while skiing but not all. I had this conversation with Dug last year while skiing. If I recall it went something like this:

Me-So Dug, you where a helmet while you ride your bike right?
Me-Is there a reason you don't wear one while skiing?
Dug-I don't really have an answer for that.
Me-What? You dont have an answer?
Dug-No punk, leave me alone.
Me-Is it like Old School?
Dug-Did you not hear me?
Me-A little sensitive here?
Dug-swung his ski pole at me.
Me-I shut up after that.

I may or may not have added some to that conversation. But, it got me thinking. A brain injury is a brain injury no matter if your skiing or cycling.

Exit question:

If your a cyclist and you wear a helmet AND you ski. Do you wear a helmet? If so, why? If not, why?

Time to dig my ski gear out!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoping for some more!

I felt that time was running out on the high country Wasatch so when the opportunity presented itself for a ride the day before a big cold winter storm was about to slam into us I couldn't pass that up. I rolled up to the Top of Millcreek and parked at the Big Water Trailhead. The parking lot was not very busy so I felt that I was in for a pretty good ride. It was a bit chilly in the parking lot but figured once I got started I would warm right up. I started just before 4, I decided to pack my lights so I could stay out a little longer. It gets dark by 7 now.

I forgot how nice the climb up Big Water is. There are some grunt sections but mostly a pretty pleasant climb. The views were pretty ok.
Climb up Big Water

        Red Pine Lake
Desolation Lake with some snow flurries

Dog Lake
 The trails were all in great shape, a few small muddy patches but nothing more than a few feet. Big Water, Crest, Dog Lake, MMT. Finished a little after 8, in the dark. Super fun decent with nice lights! 

I saw a few oddities. One group of 4 right by Desolation. Looked in over their heads. Not uncommon on that trail. They all had their hooded sweatshirts with the hoods on, no gloves. Hopefully they made it out ok. I also saw one dude in full on armor heading up Dog Lake. He was ready to rip that mean downhill apart. Dog Lake? Seriously? I have to admit it was not as busy as I was expecting. I had plenty of carrots to keep me rolling but there was never a time that I was frustrated by people. Overall a pretty great ride. I would rank it in the top 5 for the year. 
Carpet of Yellow Aspen leaves
My phone died shortly after. Hopefully this storm doesn't completely rule out any more rides before the snow really flies. I would like to ride some more of that singletrack. 

Still need to find a Helloween Costume!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Many reasons! No matter the season...

I love where I live. I love the fact that I can roll out from my garage and be on these trails in less than 5 minutes. I don't care who you are, its some good stuff.

Sundays ride was one of those rare rides when the flow is just about perfect. I felt the presence of Jesus, I just followed his line. 

Let the Indian Summer continue....Snow will come soon enough. 

Also found out....... Hannah's going to be a big sister to a little brother or a little sister!