Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is an actaul phone call I had yesterday:

To protect the innocent, lets call her Mary. Mary lives in this community.

Mary- Oh hi Nate, this is Mary from the neighborhood.
Me-Hi Mary, what can I do for you?
Mary- Well, I just noticed that all my interior doors have locks on them? I have been here over a year and just noticed.
Me- yep, all the interior bedrooms and bathrooms have locks on the door knobs.
Mary-Hmm, where is the key? I tried my house key but it doesnt fit.
Me-You tried your front door key?
Mary-Yes, but I couldnt get it to fit.

So, in my head I am thinking to myself wow, am I really having this conversation?

Outside of the door, using a special key to unlock the door

Front door

A key that wont fit in the hole of the 1st picture.
 Me- usually they leave they key to the door above the door on the door trim.
Mary-What does it look like?
Me- Its kind of hard to explain. Get a chair and look on top of the door.
Mary-Oh, I found it!

Lets hope Mary figures things out.

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