Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Must see inside?

I was driving around today trying to find the X-mas light place that stores our lights. My plan is to pick them up to see how much of our house I can cover with our old lights and then decide what to do. First, I had to find the place. As I was driving around, I saw this house "for sale". It immediately made me start to think about all the tough houses I have sold over the years. I dont know that any of them would top this. I have sold a double wide trailer the day before the  listing expired, I have sold a house and closed 2 days before foreclosure, I have been "paid" in appliances from a short sale. I have sold a house that was rented by a Vietnam Vet hippie that was always rockin his guitar and a doobie everytime I went over. He was actually pretty funny dude. I have sold the SAME townhome 5 times before it closed. You get the picture. There are some tough sells out there. This one ranks up there.

Must See Inside!
This house has a detached 2 car garage.

Also comes with a "Treehouse" or a guest house. I bet  you are thinking to yourself right now, whats the catch? The catch is, thats I-15 right there! You are directly next to I-15. There is no on-ramp near by so you don't even get the convenience factor of being that close. Tough listing there.

I thought it was funny, am I the only one?


dug said...

that's a new house. someone built it there on purpose.

KanyonKris said...

And they chose to build a nice house. Seems a double-wide would be a better choice.

Sell it to a hearing impaired person.

Jason said...

Not an issue with that sound wall there - I drive I-15 pretty regularly and I'm yet to hear a house through that sound wall, even with the car windows down. Those sound walls work.