Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer Plans

I guess its time I lay out my plans. Not that any of you care. But, for those of you who might, here they are.

I have a few goals this year for the bike.

1-Sub 12 minute Clarks TT. My best time last year was just under 13 minutes. I feel that I can knock a minute off that time.
2-Sub 25 minute North Suncrest Road TT. Last time I timed that climb it was around 28 minutes. It was early June and I was not in really good shape yet. I hope this is doable. I think I can.
3-Sub 22 Minute South Suncrest Road TT. I can't remember my times from last year exactly, I think this would knock off a few minutes from last year.

I will also be participating in the following events this year. Short list, but sweet.
1-100 miles of nowhere sponsored by FATCYCLIST.
2-Icup Draper Race. Backyard course. I am excited about this one.
3-Butte100 Mtn race in Butte Montana
4-PCPP-Not exactly backyard but home dirt thats for sure.
5- Possibly the Snowbird Hillclimb. Not 100% in for this one.

Oh, you may have heard, I got a new Mtn Steed this year. Hannah was helping me clean it last week. I will post a better picture. It rides sweet. Back on a Scalpel!

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