Friday, March 5, 2010

Man Crush

So, this isn't about me, although I can think of a few "men" I could have a crush on. Thats a whole nother story. I was driving down I-15 today on my way to work and saw this suv in front of me with a Yankees sticker on the back window and a license plate that said "JTERFAN". I naturally reached for my phone to take a picture but he got away before I could get a picture. Yes, you read that right, HE got away. I obviously thought to myself after I saw him that it would be a chick driving the car. I was wrong. Apparently this dude has a "Man Crush" on Derek Jeter. Seriously? I would never have a "Man Crush" that strong that I would get a personalized license plate. And Derek Jeter? The best and lets be honest here, the ONLY thing Derek Jeter has goin for him is Minka Kelly. Nuff said.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

And here I thought you were going to say you had a man crush on Rick.

zeph said...

okay now you've got my man crush juices flowing. (okay maybe that wasn't the best of phrases to start this comment).

anyhoo. man crushes in order are Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson (more so in The Rock days), and Matthew McConaughey.

no worries. theWife is good with it.

can you smelllllll what the ROCK is cookin?