Friday, April 16, 2010

The Double

I pulled off the elusive "double dip" yesterday. Not sure how many opportunities come around to partake in the double dip. Mine came about due to Lindy's family coming in town for the Salt Lake Marathon, coupled with a funeral she was attending. I dropped Hannah off at school, went straight to Corner Canyon, was on the trail by 9:00 or so. I rode until just after 11, loaded up and returned to pick up the lil darlin from school. We made our trip to Beans n Brews for an after school, post ride drink. Caffeine for dad and sugar for Hannah. Both satisfied, we headed home for some lunch, a story and naptime. I even managed some yardwork while she napped.

After she got up, Lindy was home and I left for a short road ride. My plan was to head down north suncrest ride around for a bit and head back home. I had about an hour. Last year I timed north Suncrest once. 27:30 was my time. I decided to see what kind of shape I was in this year. Since I am 10 lbs lighter in April than I was last year. I started out not going for the time trial but rather just to see how it was. I felt decent so I decided to push the pace a bit. That climb never gets easier. Made it to the stop sign in 24:50. I was surprised, tired, panting and excited. One of my goals this year was to climb North Suncrest in under 25 minutes. Never thought I would do it in April. I will need to re-do that goal.

All in all, it was a great day off. Dirt in the morning, asphalt in the evening. Spent some time with Hannah, got some yardwork done, went out to dinner. Good day. I'm sore today, can't decide if I'm more sore from riding or from stupid yardwork. My guess is the yardwork. Last year, I got tendonitis in my wrist from stupid yardwork. Guess I had better pace myself this year.

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Eber said...

maybe go for an early season wrist record while you are at it - full blown tendonitis by May 1st.

Nice time on the north side. I have much apprehension for that side this year.