Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yesterday, me, Sam, his brother and Plummer met up in the morning for some skiing. We originally were going to the Monitor Bowl in BCC but heard from some others that ski'd it the day before that it was no good and to stay away. We decided to drive up to Alta and hike into grizzly, take a peek at Silver and Days. Maybe a run in each depending on how it was. When we left the mouth of the canyon it was 13. At Alta 32 and sunny. It was a gorgeous morning as we skinned up into grizzly gulch. It got hot fast and we were all shedding layers. We got to the top and traversed the ridge to the west then came back towards the east to a nice North/East facing shot into Siver Fork. The plan was to ski a shot here and then a shot into Days on a similar facing slope. The top was a little more choppy than I was expecting but after 3 turns or so it was nice soft snow. This was a pretty fun line we ski'd. This was Sams little brothers maiden voyage. He was on Sam's old skis since Sam just got the Megawatts. His little bro rocked it. Very good skier. Like Sam, he is fast on the up too. On the bottom part of the slope things were a little tight manuevering the trees/cliffs. Brian went first and got a little too far back on his skis in the deep snow and popped his ACL. We reconvened at the bottom and decided Brian and I would ski out Silver Fork to Solitude and Sam with his brother would hike back up and ski back to the car and come get us at Solitude. A sad ending to very good ski shot 1 week after the last snowfall. Im still amazing by the backcountry, so much terrain, so much good snow even a week after the last snowfall.

looking west at Superior
The Pfeifferhorn in the distance
me sweatin my ass off

Sam and his bro. Sam was lookin for some Barry White on his iphone
I hope Brian has a quick recovery. This was my first tour with him and he is very knowledgeable and willing to teach. I love guys like that.

I am really enjoying my first full season of Backcountry. I am lucky to have so many friends willing to go with me and teach me their wise ways. Like Yoda and Luke. Take me to the backcountry you will hmmmmm?

On a 2nd note, on an email thred between Dug, Sam and I. Sam was expressing how much he loved his new Megawatts. I too am loving them. Dug so eloquently responds, "welcome to the orgasm that is Megawatts" That gets the quote of the week.

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