Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roooooaaaaaddddds! (in a Tommy Boy voice)

The weather around these parts has been well, a little mild. Hasn't snowed in a week or so and with a day off yesterday I was either looking to get in a little ski tour up BCC or a road ride. I couldn't find anyone to ski with so I opted for a road ride since its not too smart to go in the backcountry alone. It was around 40 degrees and thats actually not bad winter riding conditions. Really, anything above 30 or so if its sunny isnt too bad. I did the usual route, south Suncrest to the Dry Creek trailhead, took a few scenic routes along the way and back up s.Suncrest. The southside is a good hill for early season, sustained, not too steep and long enough to get in a groove. I like the south side. Anyways, its always great to get out for a ride in the winter. I don't think I got out last year until late February. Yay me!
looking down the northside, lots of gunk down there

little break to enjoy the scenery

A little roooaaaaad time? Yes please.

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Jason McGrew said...

I couldn't agree more. I got out on the road bike as well and it was perfect for January. I can't wait till spring!