Saturday, January 22, 2011

A visit to Scotties

The moon sets and the sun rises in perfect harmony

Grizzly Adam took some AMAZING pictures that morning. I have never seen it so beautiful up there for a dawn patrol ever. Granted I have only been on a dozen and a half or so but still. It was one of those mornings that you were glad you pulled your head off your pillow. I wasn't feeling great. I had a hard time chokin down some toast in the morning but thought I was up so I may as well go. Worse case scenario I rip skins before the top and enjoy some turns. I only got one long decent in but the hike was worth getting up in its own. The turns weren't bad either. Pretty icy near the top, couldn't hardly keep an edge. We pulled the plug just before the summit and started the transition. Some fast dudes got 2 laps in and others just 1. Scottie's is one of my favorite spots due to the open bowl and the terrain features available. I spent most of the morning hiking by myself looking up at the trail of headlamps above. I forgot how many kickturns there were on Scotties. Some were barely the length of your skis.

There was a pretty big crew that got out. Mark, Rick, Adam, Aaron, Steve, Rob, John, Brandon (on his maiden voyage) and a few others but their names escape me. Pretty big group.

The turns were nice, there was about 8-10 inches of new snow on top of the stout crust. Dust on Crust is a good way to describe it. Once in awhile you would hit the crust but mostly you were able to stay up on top. I brought my gps but forgot to turn it on. Until next time.

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