Monday, January 24, 2011

More Pinkie

I thought it would be good for Brad to get out on a little tour in a place other than The Willows in BCC. I thought Pink Pine would fit the bill. Pretty mellow approach, some steeper climbing and some pretty cool scenery. Sunday was a great morning to get out. We arrived at the parking lot about 7:30 and there was only 2 other cars in the lot. By the time we got back it was overflowing out to the road. First, here's some scenery.

Once to the top of the ridge we were treated with a peak of the mighty Pfeifferhorn. Its an amazing peak. We could tell that the winds were ripping through the ridge the prior day because it was scoured and slick. Very different than the prior week. Once at the top I popped a few small cornices off the ridge, things were a little slabby up top. Didn't get anything to move much, probably because Dug and crew knocked it all out the day before. Thanks again! I kicked out a few turns then traversed over to the apron, the turns were very fast and very sweet. Have I mentioned how much I like my skis?

Brad forgot his poles. Its ok Brad, we all forget shit once in awhile. Thats precisely the reason I built my hooks. I want all my stuff in the same spot so I can hopefully minimize the possibility of forgetting something. I gave him one of my poles for the climb and we found him a good long stick to serve as his other pole. I rendered my other pole for the escape out since he was on a board and would need them more than I. I know, I am a great friend. I told him even the great ones forget a pole sometimes. He also had a few equipment failures but we weren't in a hurry. We got it all handled and enjoyed a nice morning with some sweet soft turns. Again, the views weren't bad either. I didn't catch Brads face afterwards but he was smiling from ear to ear.


eeeeeeevilbanks said...

who da' hell's Brad?

Nate said...

He's my friend that I work with.