Wednesday, February 16, 2011


No, not THAT kind of VD, Valentines Day! The weather in these parts has been a little bit on the warm side. Warm for us up here in Northern Utah, not warm for those of my readers down south in Arizona. Its still cold for you. Anyways, the temp has been nearing 60 for the last few days so I decided to try to take advantage. On Monday instead of going for sushi with the sales team after our meeting I brought my bike and decided to go for a ride. Besides, there is only 1 other sales rep besides myself left and the thought of looking at him all lunch vs. going for a ride up Emigration Canyon well, you get the picture. Sorry Phil!

Our meetings usually get done fairly quickly and that would leave me about 2 hours before I needed to be back to my model. I left from my model in S. Salt Lake and headed North. The sun was out I was in knee warmers and arm warmers with a vest. No booties, no long sleeve jersey, no winter hat. Ahhhh, it was nice. I pedaled towards the Zoo a little unsure if I would head up Emigration or do a nice loop over towards Millcreek and head down 39th back to work. I opted to head up Emigration. Its a nice mellow canyon until you hit the switchback. I pedaled to just before the switchback and turned around. The ride back was into a nice headwind and the sun went away. It never got cold however and the entire ride was very enjoyable. Topped off the day at my parents for my dad's birthday. Yep, birthday on VD. Not very often is it nearly 60 in February in Salt Lake. Lots of people are gettin the spring itch. I know I am. But, theres another winter storm on our doorstep thats about to drop 12-18 inches of new snow. Brigham Young got one thing right, This is a pretty great state to call home.

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