Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey kids, dont forget!

Got out for some sub-zero hiking and subsequent skiing with the usuals. Temps were downright cold and the winds definitely were not helping to warm things up. Nonetheless we started our way up flagstaff but instead of climbing flagstaff we headed towards Cardiff. I had never been over that way so I was a bit excited to check out something new and different. The climb was going great (as great as suffering can go) until I hit an icy patch and slid off the skintrack. You can see this from the gps track below my demise.

The full gps below

Once to the top the wind was really rippin. We transitioned to ski mode, well most did. I fucked around and forgot to switch my boots into ski mode. I wondered for half of the first decent why do I feel so retarded. No, it wasn't the sheet of ice that we all slipped off on. I slid what felt like 50 feet but was probably more like 15 until the snow got soft enough to hold an edge. Woowee, that was exciting. Still pissed about forgetting to flip my boots. Won't let that happen again. The snow was soft once we were off the ridge. A little more wind affected than we thought it would be but still soft. We transitioned again and started our way out to poleline pass. Climbing went pretty good until we were about 2/3 of the way up. We found the rain crust and it wasnt going to let us skin to the top. We transitioned to bootin. My first boot pack and not the last. It was interesting to see how well the snow holds when its like that. It was like a staircase in some spots. I felt kind of like Rocky in Rock IV climbing the mountain. Except he was a bad ass and did it in Sorels. I had nice stiff ski boots and poles. Rocky rules. 

Once to the top of poleline we transitioned again and half the group took off just as I was getting there and I brought up the rear. The turns down Cardiff Pk were pretty good. A little heavy in spots but overall pretty good. Ski to the road and walk a block or so back to the car. 

As always, with each tour I learn something new. Todays lesson, don't forget to switch your boots out of walk mode into ski mode. It will make you look stupid. Or at least MORE stupid than usual. 

Thanks to Steve for the pictures. I forgot my camera. 
Mike and Dug almost to the top. Mark and his buddy are hiding on the ridge in the trees. 

Me after sliding off the skintrack and losing contact with the group

Seeking shelter in the trees. They didn't offer much protection.

Our tracks. Someone else beat us there and put some tracks in too. 

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dug said...

generally, you only make the "leave the boot in walk mode" mistake once.

so you've got that going for you. which is nice.