Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mouse no more

It came to my attention that I had a little critter hitchin a ride in my car for who knows how long. I have had the seats down for quite some time now for  my skis to fit. I put the seat up the other day and saw remnants of a little critter. I mean, if I was a mouse, it may not be a bad way to live. Endless food supply thanks to a snackin 4 year old ridin around. Its warm for the most part. Atleast its warmer than it is in the garage. I have not figured out how said mouse got in the car but I have my theories. I do know however, how said mouse got out!

I set up 3 traps in the car. 2 on the shelf under the back seat and one on the floor. Filled the traps with some crunchy peanut butter. Sidecar-I really, really hate setting up snap traps. Its one of the worst jobs as a homeowner. Im usually just waiting for them to go off in my hands. Hate that!

So, after less than a few hours I checked the traps and sure enough! GOT ONE!

Now I just hope the little bastard didn't have a friend hidin out in there. Don't want babies runnin all over. That would be bad, very bad.

Took the car to the car wash the next day to vacuum out the little bastards crap, put some air freshener in and its good as new. Well, at least as new as a 7 year old car can be.


Judy said...


Derron said...

Maybe you should clean out your car more often!

evilbanks said...

I still can't believe that little son of a bitch got in there and managed to set up shop. Homeboy was living the good life.........I don't care who you are, that's funny.