Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Reward

Last week was a pretty good week for skiing. Wednesday we got to do a very nice Scotties Bowl shot. The snow was soft and fast. 18" of new snow fell earlier in the week and I had to make an exception to get out and ski some of it. The climb as always sucked. Well, thats not all true. I don't mind the climb, Im just slow and that part sucks. Not sure how to get faster. Anyways, I joined Dug, Mark and Steve for a nice long lap. No pictures, forgot my camera again. I suck.

Friday we got up early for some Pink Pine. There was a huge army that was out that morning. Not even really sure how many. At least 8, no more than 15. The climb up to Pink Pine was nice, UDOT was bombing on the North Side of the Canyon. Its always kind of cool and somewhat nerve racking to be hiking and hearing huge artillery go off in the not too far distance. I got to the booter just a few minutes behind the last person of the main group so I hung out there for a few for Dug and is Brother-in-law. Dugs binding broke again so he had to drag one of his feet up the entire skin track. It did look like a lot of fun and I almost locked my binding down but in the end I decided to use mine as they were intended. Booting is always interesting. This is only the 2nd time I have done it so its not like I have vast experience. Its kind of a cool thing to boot up a ridge. I try not to think about what would happen if I slipped and fell. Its kind of steep. The boot up to the top didn't take too long, we put our ski's back on to skin a little further in and then took in the view. Pretty amazing. I took this little video clip at the top.

The shot after the booter is much longer than stopping just short. Dug said its always better to boot it if you have time. I would agree. Snow was really, really good! Super sweet turns up top, little crust in the middle and great turns the rest of the way. 2 great tours with some of the best snow we have had in a month or so. I managed to tear the shit out of my heels on Friday. My moleskin slipped right off my heels. It doesn't work so good when its bunched up somewhere in your socks. Hopefully they heal up fast. Shoes don't feel too good right now. Worth it though.

Dry spell with spring like conditions over the next few days. I think I will be able to get out on the bike a few days this week. I am craving some red dirt but also have really been enjoying this year skiing. I lost count but I think I have been out 20 or more times. Waaaay better than last year. There is still a few months left of skiing. March/April will probably bring a mixture of riding and skiing. I can live with that.

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