Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 day review part 2

Picking up where we left off. A few weeks back while riding in Park CIty, my bike began making a weird creak noise. It would happen under pressure or riding in certain parts of the trail that a creak wouldn't normally happen. If that makes any sense. Probaby not but it was making noise. I couldn't pin point it to an exact spot except the rear hub area or somewhere in the rear. I got out my headlamp and started to investigate. Didn't really know what I was looking for but, I saw something that I was concerned about so I took it in to Revolution for a professional look. Worry confirmed, it was broke. I didnt know how to react. 2 weeks away from PCPP, what bike would I be riding. Not a good feeling. I tried not to freak out but my stomach was in knots. Matt (the cannondale rep) just happened to be on his way to the shop, so I hung out.

Broke, cant tell from the pic though
Matt came in and checked it out and immediately was on the phone to Cannondale. Awesome! Oh wait! Backordered until October! Shit! He said he would find me a bike to ride and thought maybe he would be able to track down a frame. Told me to call him later that night. He pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got me a new frame. Less than 5 days later, I have a new frame all built up and ready to roll.
Sweet brand new frame!
I took it out this morning  on its maiden voyage and broke it in real good. I took a digger coming down Jacobs. Trail is pretty washed out in a few sections and rutted. Got caught with my pants down in a rut and wasn't able to pull it out. (no pun intended) Crashed into a huge sagebrush bush and some small oak trees. Broke my sunglasses and scratched me up pretty good. Pretty lucky actually, I was expecting it to be much worse at the speed I was going. Too bad nobody was with me. I am sure it was a spectacular crash to watch, only Lord of the Blue Dome witnessed.

On to the Queen Stage of the Tour Of Utah. I have been looking forward to this stage for a long time. I wasn't able to watch last year since I was crawling up LCC just before the pros came haulin ass through. I got to watch the finish but I really wanted to be lower in the Canyon where I could get close to the riders. It didn't disappoint! We arrived at Tanners Flat around 1:30 ish. We were able to get a great spot up towards the top before it bends right. We could see the whole straightaway. We got the chairs out and hung out for an hour or so and waited for the support cars to roll up. Once we say them we knew they were getting close. Plus I was following where they were on my phone via Twitter. 

We went to the other side of the road since it was less crowded and everyone seemed to follow us. Dammit! We had a great view and we were near this guy. 
This dude was pumped to be there!
He also came with a chick dressed like the Wendy's chick. Couldn't get a good pic of her though. Anyway, Tanners Flat came unglued when the riders started rolling through. I jumped right in and ran alongside the riders, screaming and yelling, ringing my bell. It was a blast! We saw Levi roll through and Burke,  got some decent pictures. A few of the riders off the back asked for a push, I ran alongside them while pushing. They were all suffering. America's Toughest Stage race had taken its toll on everyone.
GO Levi GO!

Hannah started school back up on Tuesday. She was pretty pumped to go back to school. We will take advantage of that since it won't be too long before we are throwing cold water on her to wake her up!

Woke up this morning pretty sore. I went out for a easy mtn bike ride to see how my body felt. Felt decent on a bike. Rollin up to PC tomorrow to ride the last 2 sections of the PCPP course. Should be a good time.


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