Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let the PCPP be your rememdy

So what! I stole the title of my blog post straight from the end of this video. But, it is so true. Let the PCPP be your remedy. A little more than 2 weeks and several of us from BUTT will be looking to PCPP for some redemption. It will be sweet. Oh yes, it will be.

Did a ride last Friday to the AF summit. Legs were a little tired but overall I felt pretty good. Shaved a few minutes off my time to the summit from my previous time. I felt pretty good about that. Still nowhere near the fast kids, I would fall into lucky #13 there. Got out for a little dirty heathen ride on Sunday and my legs felt great! The Zeph and I got out early this a.m for some dirt. Early dirt is a great way to start the day.

The good Doc and I are hittin up PC Friday for some smooth like butta one track. Can't wait!

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