Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 day review part 1

In an attempt to catch things up a bit I thought I would try to do it in a few posts.

The Tour of Utah rolled through last week and I know alot of us did whatever we could to catch a stage or two, or three. I was able to catch 3 of them. I really wish I could have made the Park City Crit but was unable to pull that one off.

I cruised down to Nephi and watched them climb the backside of Nebo. It was a ton of fun to see all the support cars, media etc roll through there before the riders. Unreal how these guys climb. Here are a few photos from that stage.

Next up for us was the Time Trial. We decided to make the drive to BFE because I had the day off and it had some kids stuff goin on that I thought would help keep Hannah entertained. We got to meet the Bees mascot, we got to stand within 4 feet of Levi while he warmed up and we finally got a front row seat to watch the last 15-20 riders cruise in through the finish. Average speed 30+mph!

I really wanted to hug him but he wouldn't let me. 

We all had a really great time watching the Time Trial. Although, the Time Trial is probably not the greatest fun since you only see them for a split second. 

I had decided that day while riding up AF canyon that I would do the Snowbird Hillclimb the next morning. I could do that and still make it to work. Since my Scalpel broke (more on that later) I was unable to do some PCPP recon friday and wanted to get some good riding in. So, I surprised Lindy who was planning on going to the Farmers Market the next morning. She was a good sport and was able to come see me about half way up the canyon and still make it to the Farmers Market. I was pretty pleased with my time. 1 hour 6 minutes. Fastest by about 4 minutes unless you count the climb 2 years ago when it started over towards Big Cottonwood. A bit shorter I think. I felt pretty good and was able to finish strong. 

The previous week, the good DR. and I made our way to Park CIty to ride some pristine one track. The trails in Park CIty are very nice. Good flow, smooth, technical, demanding climbs etc. You name it they have it. We fumbled our way around the course and ended up with 30 miles. Not what we had planned out but good riding nonetheless. 

Come back for the news on my broken bike, the Queen Stage of the Tour Of Utah and possibly some other stupid stuff. 

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