Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It comes to this

6 long months ago on February 14th I signed up for an endurance mtn bike race. Not just any race mind you, Park City Point 2 Point. This race, in its 2nd year sold out in under an hour for the solo category. In under 1 hour 200 other crazy bastards signed up for this race. I am almost positive that many of them have spent the last 6 months training, watching calories, studying maps and profiles, testing out foods and other things all leading up to this. The final countdown. It comes to this. The cold winter days skinning up mtns in the Wasatch Backcountry, trying to stay in shape throughout the long cold winter. The dark mornings of crawling out of bed just to ride your stationary trainer in a cold concrete prison room in the basement. The hours on the bike. The pain and suffering of training rides with people faster than you. The early wakeup calls throughout the summer to get some time on the bike before the rest of the world is awake. The time away from family. The support of Lindy. The cheering of Hannah, "umm, my daddy is beating you". The deep burning desire to NOT be the slowest guy in the group this year. It comes to this.

The Park City Point 2 Point race is by far the largest event I have ever entered into. It is known across the country by professional endurance mtn bike racers. There is envy from those that tried to get in but missed out. There is the shock and awe of those that think I and others are just plain crazy. To those I say, that might be so, but its just one of those things. As Dug said, Once your hooked, your hooked.

I have ridden nearly 1600 miles so far this year. There is still 2 months left of the season atleast. 1600 miles is nearly what my mom drives each quarter. My training has gone nearly to plan. I am looking forward to finishing the PCPP race with a smile on my face come late Saturday afternoon.
So, theres nothing left to do except Pedal Dammit, and Suffer Well. I also like what Dug had to say. Many other posts about PCPP showing up right now. Its all good stuff.


Jason said...

Good luck man - rip it up!

eeeeeeeeevilbanks said...

Lookin' forward to it man.......Time to get nasty.