Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day Ride 2011

As things turned out I was able to carve a little time away in the morning for a ride. We had planned to meet at Lambert at 8:00 with Justin and Brannen. Tanner was gonna come but he showed at 10:00 and we were all done. He must have missed the memo? Or, maybe he was busy making pies or rolling out dough for some rolls. Banks couldn't make it because he was downtown or some bullshit. He said he was with us in spirit but I didn't feel it. The only spirit I felt was pure joy. Sorry evil but the joy shut you out.

It was a popular place for a ride as we saw many people out. Conditions were great. It wasn't cold and the trails were not muddy. Brannen has twins coming in February so, I probably won't see him again till next year. 6 boys! Holy crap!

Without further ado, here is the video. My battery died after about 5 minutes of rolling film. Bummer. Oh well, enough to put together a video. Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours!

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Derron Tanner said...

Great vid! Now I'm even more sorry I missed you guys! Sucks having your only car with a hitch mount in the shop...I got nothing to stick my bike rack on! I left at 8:45 but didn't get to Lambert until 10. Slow, and I got lost. Next time you'll have to pick me up. Got a good work out riding my superfly up so. Suncrest.