Monday, November 28, 2011

Hearding Cats

Hearding Cats, my guess is kind of like trying to teach a 5 year old to ski. I like to pretend I have patience but its clear to me now. I don't. I may seem calm and jovial on the outside but inside I'm boiling! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME???? I have to alter my expectations. If she's having fun, thats all that matters. Right? I sent Dug (who's on a blog hiatus) a txt asking if he had any tips. His response? Put em in ski school and go skiing while they are learning. For some reason I knew that was going to be his response. Problem is, ski school costs money and I have very little extra of that floating around right now. Maybe sign her up for a few 1/2 day lessons for 50 bucks at Solitude. Thats about the best price I have found so far.

All I know, its she is having fun. So long as I don't make too many rules! I made that mistake while trying to get her to listen to me while teaching her how to swim. I ruined it for her. She didn't want to go with me anymore because I had too many "swimming rules". Well, that made me feel like shit so I am trying to keep it light and fresh. If she's having fun and she is  making a little bit, even just a smudge of progress its a good thing. Here's a little video from our outing to Alta Sunday for their "free after 3" thing. Its a pretty sweet deal. Enjoy.

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