Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh S&^%!

This last few weeks has been a bit wet here in the 801. With the several new inches of snow that has fallen in the mountains I decided, why fight it.

I haven't been skiing a whole lot in the last month. Since I committed to the epic fail that is also known as True Grit 50, I tried to spend more time on the bike in preparation. Since then I have been on the bike a few times but the weather has not been ideal for riding. It has been more ideal for skiing however.

The last 2 weeks I have spent transitioning to a job that I have had for 7 years to a brand new job. Same gig, just with a new builder. One that is emerging from this craphole downturn and ready to rock and roll. I am also ready to rock and roll after 3 years of picking myself up off the mat each day to roll into work and get my teeth kicked in again. The time had come to make a move.

So, with all of that going on plus a new kid on the way and trying to get  room finished in the basement recreation has taken a back seat a little bit. With the new snow I was searching for someone to ski with Friday. Steve came through for a late afternoon meeting. We needed something fairly quick since Steve had a hot date with his wife that night so Mill D North fit the bill. It dumped on us pretty much the whole time. The wind was mostly calm and the snow was piling up. It was fairly dense below 8000 ft but above 8000 it was much lighter. We spent an afternoon in the mountains with new snow. Thats a good way to spend an afternoon.

The real excitement came on the way down the canyon. Steve was driving his Subaru and the road was slick. It looked as if it warmed up a bit melted some snow then got cold again and froze it. Steve made a maneuver to pass an Aerostar mini van, immediately after we hit some ice. We could see people up ahead on the road and I knew there were some cars off the road. As we got closer, we started sliding. Steve downshifted, still sliding, he finally stepped on the gas just in time, we fishtailed a few times almost taking the dude out that was walking across the road. I was trying to decide if I should brace myself or jump out. Luckily, Steve has trained in defensive driving and we made it. We immediately stopped to watch the Aerostar blast into the cars. That never happened though. They must have seen us fishtail and slowed way down. We are such dicks, stopping to watch some carnage.

Steve got us home like a champ. We always say, live to ski another day. We usually just mean don't take unnecessary risks while in the backcountry. I guess it can apply to the drive as well. Steve assured me that I was covered with several airbags. I wasn't worried.

Good times. Thanks Steve.

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KanyonKris said...

That road was treacherous. Luckily we were in Mark's 4WD SUV and went real slooow. We still slid a few times. Glad you averted a serious accident.