Friday, April 29, 2011


Im usually off on Fridays but this week I had a switch and took Thursday off instead. I think it worked out great. I got in a quick dirt ride after work wednesday night then met Lindy and Hannah for dinner. Thursday morning I dropped Hannah off at school, cruised over to CC and rode for a few hours until it was time to get Hannah. The dirt was good. The temps were just about right, it was a little windy but beggars can't be choosers right?

I have been having trouble with my left lately with it holding air. I pump it up and within a half hour it loses half the pressure. I was bummed with this yesterday when I noticed it on the climbs. I have to say, I didn't notice it on the downhill. Never bottomed out once. I felt really good on the downhill. You know how once in awhile the stars align and you have a great smooth flow on the DH? Thats how it was. Some have that all the time, some never get it, and others once in awhile. Im hoping I can have that feeling more often because its like sex. There, I said it. Lets face it, riding bikes downhill lasts longer. Right?

Now its cold and sort of trying to snow. I'd rather it snow than rain. Snow seems to be better on the trails and it keeps people from going out. Hoping to ramp up the riding here soon while I still have some time before baby #2 gets here in June!

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