Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, I have settled into my new work location and I am finding that I quite enjoy being closer to home. My new community is behind the Home depot on State in Sandy. Its a 15 minute drive or about an hour bike ride. Or longer depending on the route you take.

Yesterday I rode home. A little over 10 miles, just under an hour and close to 2000 vert. Not a bad commute. I was hoping the weather would hold for me to ride back to work on my mtn bike via Corner Canyon. It did hold, and it was the best commute I have had in a long time. I dropped down Potato Hill, across the BST trail, down the silica trail, up canyon hollow, up ghost, down ghost, down canyon hollow, out lower cc and through the streets of Draper. If I had more time I would have rolled out towards Scout bridge and out that way. I think that will be a good way for me to get some riding in that I maybe would not get. I won't be able to do it everyday but I think once a week at a minimum.

All in favor of a commute via bike say I. I!

I also wore the new Revolution Team kit. First time with bibs. A little different, holds me together a little more, fresh material, a little audio slit in the back. Very nice! Oh, and the plaid rocks too!

Commute via CC

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Jason McGrew said...

That is a great way to get in some great extra miles.. not to mention save on gas!