Friday, February 26, 2010


Ok, ok. Some of you know me well. Pretty well. You all know I have A.D.D. So, I started this post yesterday about people that I see because of a person I just saw and I totally forgot to add them to the story.

Let me start it off with this. I need to set the scene.

Car pulls up. Its a pretty nice car. Gold Maxima. Gooooooooooooold! Anyways, this guy gets out. Lets call him Frank. Now Frank was a little light on his toes if ya know what I mean. No, thats not what Im bloggin about. He had jeans on, a gray and white striped shirt WITH a matching hat, pulled sideways. VERY fasionable. He walked in and wanted some information. From the get go I thought something was up. He seemed "shifty". I couldn't put my finger on it but it was in the back of my mind. We went out on site and walked through a couple of houses. He was young, under 25, said he was in Real Estate and said he could spend up to 300k. Another alarm went off. I dont know many sub 25 year olds doing THAT well in Realt Estate right now. I could be wrong, but I rarely am. Upon returning to the model, he asked to use  my bathroom. "sigh" sure, its on the top floor. I love it when overweight people ask that AFTER they just walked through the model. "Oh, I gotta walk all the way back upstairs?" Well, you aint doin your business in my office. Feel free to go use the Arby's bathroom. I told him I would put a packet together for him and sent him on his merry way. Or is is Mary? Frank returned a few minutes later. Yea, he wasn't gone that long so I didn't think anything about it. You all know where this is going. I gave him his info, got him registered and we parted ways. Immediately I thought, man that dude was off. I had to pee so I went upstairs to take a leak. Got to the top of the stairs and I think I passed out for a minute. Sweet Lord! Montezuma's Revenge had made a deposit in MY bathroom. My eyes were watering, I was nearly dry heaving. It was bad. I turned the fan on (who doesn't turn the fan on after they drop a serious bomb) returned to my office, returned with my clorox wipes in hand going over every surface I thought he may have touched. After that I washed my hands, went in the other bathroom and pryed off the seat cover that says this bathroom does not work, peed and returned the seat cover.

Yep, thats right. I got a visit from Frank. Frank seemed like a fitting name for the smell he left me.

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eber said...

are you saying he went for an entire tour just so he could drop a deuce?

that doesn't seem very efficient.