Monday, May 21, 2012

The Trailer Life

So, I finally have a place to hang my hat and work again. The long awaited Trailer. There are still a few things that need to happen to finalize everything but I have been spending time there trying to get back in the swing of things. Heres a shot of the trailer.

Pretty pimp right? Check out those rims! Anyhoo. This is very much unlike any other sales trailer I have worked out of in the past. You know, the typical double trailer that smells of stale sweaty carpet, single paned windows that breath with the wind flow, the creaking as the trailer shifts etc. Nope. This is state of the art. TV, Fireplace, DVD, CD, Kitchen etc. You name it, this thing has it. The one thing I DON'T have yet is permanent power. 

I get to pull two large 70 lb generators out of the trailer, connect em together (parallel) pull a huge cable out to connect em to the trailer, primer em up, start em and wait an hour till the trailer cools down. The bad thing is, its a pain in the ass. This takes me about a half an hour to get things all set up. Suppose to get 7 or so hours out of a tank of gas. Nope. 3-4. So, I get to go get gas and fill em up. Yay me! 

Today, I was filling it up with gas. All of a sudden, my foot felt cool. I was being very careful not to get any gas on my pants or shoes etc. Well, I failed. My right foot was soaked with gas. Yay me again! The new gas can didn't have quite the best seal on it and it was leaking down the front and off the bottom where I couldn't see the leak. Only feel it. 

Awesome! My hands already smelled like gas. The trailer doesn't have running water and now my foot is soaked in gas. I had a headache from the fumes, I wreaked of gas and I had an appointment in a few hours. So, I finished filling the generators, cranked the AC up and left. 

I needed shoes stat. Wasn't really in the mood to go try on shoes. Especially since these shoes were really pretty new. So, I went to REI. 

I decided these would be great. I wouldn't need to wear socks (it was soaked in gas too), they are comfy and don't look half bad with dress slacks. 

My trunk still smells of gas, my headache is gone and the day is winding down. 

I shoulda known when I took this picture earlier and sent it to a friend with a mocking caption that I was tempting the gasoline gods. They pissed on my shoes. At least they didn't light it with fire too! 

All of this happened today. After I got pulled over in Draper for speeding. I did get off with a warning. I guess I used up all my good luck first thing this morning. I knew I should have rode my bike today. 

The day is winding down. Comedy of errors today. The sun sets and tomorrow is a fresh new day. Thanks to friends for helping me laugh about all this shit. 

I'll be back for more tomorrow. 

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