Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zen Love

A few months ago I took a solo day trip to St. George to ride some trails that I would be racing on in a few weeks. I really needed some red dirt therapy. I couldn't find anyone to go with me so, I ventured out on my own. Contrary to what I was saying during the Grit 50 Epic "There is nothing Zen about Zen". This is true when your trying to race it. Its tough, technical and demanding. But, when you are all alone and seem to have the entire trail to yourself, it actually is quite Zen. Maybe thats what they had in mind when they named it. I was eerily all alone for the entire day.

I am just now sifting through the footage from that day due to a corrupted file that kept crashing my Imovie. Its fixed now. Enjoy this amateur video.

Since it snowed last night, and Im not able to take advantage of the fresh snow NOR get on my bike. I thought a video would make me feel better. It did, just a bit.

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