Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

I snuck in a ride this morning before the downpour started. I had time this morning and I figured if I tried to wait until after work there was a good chance I wouldn't get the ride in. I was right. I saw a total of 5 people. 1 runner, 2 hikers and 2 bikers. I pretty much had Corner Canyon to myself. My current favorite trail is Ann's. I really, really like the downhill. I am also really liking the Rush trail but Ann's is pure money in either direction.

I mounted the camera on the seatpost today to try something new. It worked ok. I liked how the footage came out but the camera gets in the way even while standing. Total no-go if pedaling is required. Nonetheless the trails were sweet and the crowds were non existent. Great way to start the day. I love riding. Seriously, if you don't ride a bike, why the hell not?

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