Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Trip

Late last week I decided that the weekend was going to be my best shot of getting to St. George for a day trip. Ya see, the Desert Rampage was on Sat. and there was a Grit 50 pre-ride set-up for Sunday. I made the decision that I was going to drive down early Sunday morning, ride some dirt with some pals, and return home Sunday night. Long day, but it was worth it!

Left just after 5:00 a.m and arrived in St. George at 9:00 a.m. No stops, just drove straight through. The pre-ride was starting at 10 so I parked at the Green Valley loop and changed got my camelback filled etc. @evilbanks met me there along with DTanner. I was pretty happy to be riding in short sleeves and shorts for the first time since last year. The weather was perfect, 65 mostly sunny. I got to ride some trails that I have never ridden before and a few of my old favs from when I lived down there.

Here is a sweet video I found of the Zen Trail, one of the new trails we rode. It was technical but fun.

Zen Trail from shelby meinkey on Vimeo.

We rode several trails for a total of about 35 miles. Definately worth the trip down. We rode, Red Bluff, Zen, Poppy and to the top of Stucki Springs. Rode down Stucki (great downhill) and back up Poppy to the car. The long climb out Stucki was a bitch. It was long and it was hot. We made it though, all in all a great day trip and I was definately happy I made the drive down. I must say, I'm lookin forward to Spring. But for now, its nuking snow outside and theres a few feet of snow Im gonna ski this week. Yep, I said a few feet, like 3-4.

Vintage "Evilbanks" as per grizzlyadam
one of our stops early in the day
Banks cruisin in style
Top of the long Stucki Springs climb


evilbanks said...

Man---that was a great day of riding. I NEEDED that more than I can explain. You were looking strong all day long man.

wundrdog1 said...
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DTanner said...

K-dog, you and Banks' man-love sickens me! :-O==