Friday, June 18, 2010

wannabe blogger

I suck at blogging! Its not that I don't have the time, believe me, I have time on my hands. I just suck at it. But, I am going to make another attempt (however feeble it may be). The training for Butte 100 and PCPP has been going pretty good. Both of those races still scare the crap out of me though! Misery loves company though so I will continue on like a lamb to the slaughter house. So far YTD I have about 800 miles on my legs. To some that may not seem like alot but for me I think it is. Looking back at last year I have alot more miles under me than I did at this time last year. I was also able to knock off that Halloween/Holidays 10 lbs I packed on in a few short months. I am not just a little less than I was at the end of last season. I feel good about that. This spring has been a weird one with the weather. Gets warm, then cold and rainy or snowy. Not ideal cycling weather. Thats Utah for ya. Here are a few pics.

Doesn't Hannah look thrilled 

Here's Kayonkris @ the summit AF

Stole this and cropped it from the UMB site.

Anyways, Riessen and I just finished a nice long ride in CC. Most of it was good. I took a little digger banged up my elbow, knee, thigh and forearm and I have some pretty sore ribs right now. Hopefully they heal fast. Hate crashing, guess it comes with the territory. Heres a link to our ride. Tour gay CC Pretty good route except for the first hour. Felt wasted. Lots of scrambling trying to find the road and lots of walking. We found our way though. All in all, I felt pretty good. Legs felt sluggish in the first few hours, felt pretty good after that until the end. Spent most of the time riding with sore ribs. Thats no fun. Hopefully I blog again soon and not wait for 2 months. Thanks for keeping me on your blogroll. 


Anonymous said...

you have the most awesome blog ever! you rule!

eber said...

you cats needed some serious navigation help. i'd take you out on the real Tour course, but you've been bad mouthing the best part of the course so much I think you need some time out.

when you feel up to it I will show you the real route. the only bush whack is to get from Oak Hollow to the Downhill.